Premier Racing Lounge FAQs

What is the Premier Racing Lounge?

The new concept will convert the ground floor of the existing Melrose Stand into a pre booked Premier Lounge, which combines a great location with the benefits of modern technology, delivered with a touch of luxury.

Accommodating around 150 customers who select a specific seat at the time of booking. In additon to a seat, racegoers will have access to a bar, Tote betting facilities and private toilets.

The Premier Racing Lounge is not a restaurant or hospitality area, with no kitchen avaliable, only basic bar snacks and pre-ordered Proper Platters are avaliable. 

Where is the Premier Racing Lounge?

On the ground floor of the Melrose Stand at the heart of the racecourse, adjacent to the Parade Ring.

Who can Access the Premier Racing Lounge?

Only those customers with a Premier Racing Lounge badge.

Guests are not permitted and holders of annual, trainer or other metal badges are not permitted entry without a Premier Racing Lounge badge.

What Does the Badge Price Include?

A specific allocated seat in this new facility, access to private bar, toilets, betting facilities and external area that looks towards the winning post.

Premier Racing Lounge badgeholders may also access all other public County Stand facilities including the champagne lawns and the Ebor Stand.

What About Food?

Located with easy access to a range of existing places that serve food, the decision was taken to devote the maximum space in the new Lounge to racegoer use, so it does not include a kitchen.The Premier Racing Lounge is therefore not a restaurant or hospitality area. There is the option to enjoy a range of pre-ordered Proper Platters as well as treats from behind the bar. The Gimcrack Restaurant or Princess Mary Seafood Bar, as well as the John Carr Griddle are all easily reached for guests looking for something a little more substantial, safe in the knowledge that their seat is reserved in the Lounge.

What is the Dress Code?
The same as for County Stand badges.
Am I guaranteed the exact seat that I selected online?

You will always have a reserved seat.

However, this is a new area and given our experience from other new concepts, we do expect to keep learning about how it works best for customers over its first season. As an example of this, we do reserve the right to amend the seating configuration in the Lounge so some changes in location are possible.

What Sizes of Groups are Permitted?

The Premier Racing Lounge is not intended to accommodate large groups and so no more than 8 people will be allowed per booking.

What is the Access for Disabled Racegoers?

The Lounge is on the ground floor so no lift access is required. There is a disabled toilet. Some tables may offer better access for wheelchairs than others, so please advise us if a guest wishes to use a wheelchair rather than the seat provided. The at table service should be a benefit in this regard.

Are Children Allowed in the Lounge?

At the heart of the Lounge there is a full bar, as well as betting facilities, so it is not an area that is best suited to children. Given this and the lack of space for pushchairs and such, this facility cannot be booked for under 18s. Outside of the Lounge, there is the Parent and Toddler Room, as well as lots of open space and the serving of children's meals in areas such as Eat Between Our Races.

Will the Facility be Available to Purchase on the Raceday?

Yes, subject to availability. Please enquire with the team at the entrance of the Lounge to see if there is any availability on that day.

When booking, it is not permitted to leave one seat free at a table.

Can Rewards4Racing Points be Used?

Yes, the Rewards4Racing loyalty scheme can be used for bookings in the Premier Racing Lounge.

Are Discounts Available for Racegoers Who Already Have Access to the Racecourse?

Discounts are not available online but please contact our bookings team on 01904 620911 for additional details.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

To be fair to fellow racegoers and make best use of what is limited space; the cancellation policy for this Lounge is different to the general County Stand. Within 21 days of a raceday, a Premier racing Lounge Badge is non-refundable.

2021 Season at a glance

  • Dante Festival | Wed 12 - Fri 14 May
  • First Saturday | Sat 22 May
  • June Meeting | Fri 11 - Sat 12 June
  • John Smith's Cup Meeting | Fri 9 - Sat 10 July
  • Music Showcase Weekend | Fri 23 - Sat 24 July
  • Welcome to Yorkshire Ebor Festival | Wed 18 - Sat 21 August
  • September Sunday | Sun 5 September
  • September Friday | Fri 24 September
  • October Finale | Fri 8 - Sat 9 October