York's partner milliner George Durdy shares her top tips for impressing the judges at the Ebor Fashion Lawn

York's partner milliner George Durdy (second left) shares her top tips for catching the judges eye at the Ebor Fashion Lawn.


'As York Racecourse’s partner milliner and judge for the ‘Welcome to Yorkshire Ebor Festival’ here are some tops for what I am looking for in the best-dressed competitions.

1 – COLOUR is the ultimate key if you really want to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of a judge. You can do this using different hues whether they are strong and vibrant or subtle pastels. You can also work around one colour shade.

2 – HATS are a must if you would like to get noticed by the judges. They add height; width and texture to your overall look and defiantly attract attention. The options are endless for hats whether it be a cocktail style, which are much easier to wear but if your going to go all out on a huge hat stick to a simple dress.

I love elegant, chic and feminine hats, a style which really flatters you.

3 – ORIGINALITY is another key look for me. Make sure you make a point of being slightly unique, creative and different with your outfit.  It will grab the attention from myself and the other judges.

4 – PERSONALITY – let your personality define your style.  You can mix up brands together and let your creative eye and on trend style shine through your whole look and outfit.'


On all four days of the Welcome to Yorkshire Ebor Festival (Wednesday 22 - Saturday 25 August 2018), standside racegoers are able to visit the Ebor Fashion Lawn, at the heart of the racecourse, on our Edwardian Weighing Room Lawn.


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2021 Season at a glance

  • Dante Festival | Wed 12 - Fri 14 May
  • First Saturday | Sat 22 May
  • June Meeting | Fri 11 - Sat 12 June
  • John Smith's Cup Meeting | Fri 9 - Sat 10 July
  • Music Showcase Weekend | Fri 23 - Sat 24 July
  • Welcome to Yorkshire Ebor Festival | Wed 18 - Sat 21 August
  • September Sunday | Sun 5 September
  • September Friday | Fri 24 September
  • October Finale | Fri 8 - Sat 9 October