As the country faces these uncertain times together, the role of the NHS and other key workers and community groups is very much appreciated by everyone at York Racecourse.
York Racecourse has been playing its own small part with a number of initiatives.
The Stableside part of the organisation, which usually provides accommodation for stable staff has switched its focus to offer NHS staff a place to stay. Some NHS staff are facing the extra personal challenge of being isolated from their own families, sometimes by travel distance or perhaps because their own household has vulnerable members. So they need somewhere to sleep, have a meal and find a space to recharge their batteries; which is where Stableside has been able to help. Of course, this is being done whilst respecting the social distancing protocols and so the well being of the small team and their guests.
A number of the York Racecourse team have taken the opportunity to support the community, Paul Godfey who normally works as a plumber is among those to have joined “the army of volunteers”.
York Racecourse has always been a venue that welcomes the National Blood Donor Service, so it was a privilege to host an all day visit on Tuesday 7th April. Over one hundred volunteers who attended to give their blood are to be thanked, as are the York Racecourse team members who facilitated the visit.
Following discussions at a senior level with both the Emergency Services and the City of York Council, York Racecourse has been offered for their use.
In the coming weeks, York Racecourse will continue to play its part in supporting a community that has been its home since 1731.