Statement on Authorised Betting Partners as at 9 December

York Racecourse remains committed to the principle that the sport generates a return from all bets that are placed on the sport.  As an independent track, York wishes to work with the governing body of the sport and others towards this objective.   
York welcomes both the positive action already taken by some digital bookmakers to sign up as ABPs, as well as the support York receives through the strong, longstanding, partnerships that already exist with bookmakers who sponsor at York.
Whilst working to deliver for its existing and valued bookmaker sponsors, the course hopes that it can encourage them and other betting companies to reach a wider settlement with the racing industry.
To demonstrate its support for the principle of the scheme, in the short term, the course will not sign sponsorships with any new betting brands that are not Authorised Betting Partners. As agreements for 2016 are already in place, there are no renewals pending with non ABP bookmakers.
As this is an important matter for the sport, York and the other Large Independent Racecourses will continue to engage with interested parties of all perspectives, as the detail and operation of the scheme develops.

Nick Rust comment issued on Thursday evening 10 December:

“I had a very productive meeting with members of the York Racecourse Board on Tuesday and understand the reasonable position that they have taken. York has confirmed its commitment to work with their current bookmaker sponsors to help British Racing ensure it receives a return from all bets that are placed on the sport. We welcome their announcement that they won’t be signing any new sponsorship deals with non-Authorised Betting Partners (ABP), nor renewing such existing deals in the short term. We will continue to assist York wherever we can in order to achieve our shared goal of signing up remote operators to ABP status through a commitment to a fair and reasonable contribution being made from bets accepted remotely on British Racing.”